Blockchain Education Club is a growing community of researchers, developers, product managers and entrepreneurs pursuing common goals - inspire collaboration, promote education, and unity amongst the many in the community who seek to change the world using blockchain and technologies of decentralization!

They are organising free educational events: meetups, brunches, webinars, workshops and hackathons.

Club is designing technology certification programs. Three tracks: Product Experience, Technology Design & Security, Business Models of Blockchain & dApps.

They are operating in three European locations now: Saint Petersburg (RU), Moscow (RU), Paris (FR).

About SICP

Security Intelligence Cryptocurrencies Platform - Cybersecurity infrastructure of the blockchain and antifraud in the cryptocurrency sphere. SICP - antiscam, trust, compliance.

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Address: Russia St. Petersburg Marshal Tukhachevsky 22

Phone: +7 (812) 983-0483

Fax: +7 (812) 983-0483



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