• When will the SICP crowdsale start?

    Currently, a private presale of the SICP token is already being carried out.

  • Which payment methods will be accepted in the crowdsale?

    Waves, BTC or ETH are accepted as payment. At the same time, on the decentralized DEX exchange there is support for the USD and other fiat currencies, and even other cryptocurrencies and tokens.

  • Why should I invest?

    The platform token is not only an investment in a secure Digital economy, but also a bonus to key investors. Moreover, the opportunity to receive services on a priority basis and participation in the development concept of the platform.

  • How will I know if my purchase was successful?

    All necessary information is displayed in the Waves wallet, as well as in the relevant sections of the DEX exchange. To receive a bonus (30-50%), you must send a notice of purchase (mail, wallet, number of tokens).

  • What will I need in order to participate in the crowdsale?

    You must purchase SICP tokens (6hHaSKBVbZhJrAkr7GyvwBG4NhYyfXoDo3UfHTNxFn7x) issued on the Waves platform (wallet, DEX exchange). Otherwise, you can get tokens by participating in development as an expert, or by adding materials (verifying them).

  • How many SICP tokens will be available in the crowdsale and how many are created in total?

    Will be available at a discount before the end of the private presale. 1 billion tokens released. 60% of the total will be sold. Re-issue of tokens is not planned.

  • How much did you raise so far?

    The number of remaining tokens is displayed on the official website in the On ITO Terms section. The minimum amount required to launch the product is planned to be collected in a private presale with key investors.

  • Where can I read the SICP whitepaper in full?

    Stay tuned for updates, soon this information will be available on the official website. You can also request WhitePaper and the presentation by mail: sicp@ueba.su

  • Where can I purchase WAVES?

    Using a client for a smartphone or PC, you can purchase Waves using a card (for USD, or EUR). To purchase for other cryptocurrencies or tokens, you can use the built-in exchange DEX. Or use another decentralized exchange at its discretion.

  • Wallets & Private Key Access

    Waves Wallet is available in the main app stores (for various devices), as well as on the official website of the WavesPlatform. The security of the application is verified by the relevant services, and only the creator of the wallet (user) has access to the private key.

  • Participating in the crowdsale with ETH

    Platform management takes into account the experience of creating DAO, and also provides the ability to purchase tokens for ETH (0x9a3836c6b23d5f983854c55b22545225128e8c1c).


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