Platform Investments

Attraction of investments at any stage of development.

The possibility to invest small amounts...

Influence on the development of the platform by participating in a private presale. Key investors can influence the concept of the project. Expert community invested their knowledge, this collective mind gets reward tokens SICP (can be exchanged for services or cryptocurrency).

Tokenomics elements

Digitized information about real subjects is stored.

Service transactions through smart contracts...

Automated interaction with investors, experts, and consumers of services based on various smart contracts (smart assets, smart accounts). Ensuring organic growth of the internal token (providing information ). Market development and output token on the decentralized exchange.

Reputation and visibility

Investors are protected by entries in the decentralized ledger.

Own a level of crypto risk anywhere in the world...

Improving compliance measures (while ensuring an adequate level of transparency). Buffer formation between real and digital economies. Constant and secure information stored on the blockchain. Involving the expert community in reputation building.

Design and development

UEBA - User and Entity Behavior Analytics.

ML – self-learning Machine Learning algorithms...

Increased support for various blockchains. Identification and classification of digital assets. Continuous improvement of unique algorithms, and an increase in the number of patterns. Creating prerequisites for the transition to the technology of Artificial Intelligence.

We bring the essence of the crypto risks to everyone

SICP provides the following opportunities to each participant

  • Attract investments at any stage
  • Reach real-time schedule control of development
  • Conduct development monitoring and quality control
  • Get internal tokens for adding entities
  • Have access to complete information about crypto wallets
  • Get profit from selling tokens



The blockchains currently actively used are huge. Manual processing of transactions and blocks entails significant problems (with an appropriate level of anonymity). Manual classification and analysis of a large number of entities is practically impossible. In particular, if you need advanced information in real time (or close to this value).


Automated identification of final subjects (attempt to de-anonymization). Monitoring wallets and smart contracts (support for various blockchains). Ability to integrate with various sources and API. Evaluating the crypto risks inherent in digital assets in real time. Improving analytical algorithms and behavioral patterns.


Anonymous nature of blockchain technology. A large number of wallets used by one subject (sometimes once). The use of special methods of enhancing anonymity by the attackers (mixers, exchangers, tumblers). Regulation of cryptocurrency is underdeveloped. In some countries it is not at all. Investment security risks are high.


Developed analytics and advanced reporting environment. The ability to use information to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of digital assets, cryptocurrency turnover investigations, forensic examination of blockchains. Elaboration of the legal significance of the information collected. Go to the declaration of conformity.


Such expertise is subject to human error. Attracting an intermediary to solve a specific problem is quite an expensive exercise, and also extended in time. Which does not even guarantee success by 100%. The use of smart contracts allows not only to get away from such events, but also to improve the quality and speed of interaction between the subjects.


Algorithms of the platform allow to increase the effectiveness of the interaction expert community (echeloned verification), entities and subjects, in order to minimize errors and increase the likelihood of identifying risks and identifying end users. The use of smart contracts significantly increases processing speed and reduces transaction costs.

About SICP

Security Intelligence Cryptocurrencies Platform - Cybersecurity infrastructure of the blockchain and antifraud in the cryptocurrency sphere. SICP - antiscam, trust, compliance.

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