CipherTrace delivers cryptocurrency anti-money laundering (AML), blockchain forensics and enforcement solutions that make bitcoin and other crypto assets safe. They strive to grow and strengthen the blockchain economy through improved security and trust.

The team has deep expertise in bitcoin, enterprise security, Fintech, and fighting cybercrime. We help people conduct business in cryptocurrencies safely, securely and legally.

Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, tokens, and enterprise blockchain initiatives are growing explosively. CipherTrace provides the infrastructure to enable secure, verifiable and legal commerce for these markets. This regulatory technology (RegTech) aspect of financial technology (FinTech) is estimated to be in the billions of dollars by 2021.

They goal at CipherTrace is to grow and strengthen the blockchain economy through improved security and compliance. We founded the company in 2015 with the intention of helping people do business in cryptocurrencies safely and securely.

CipherTrace is the leading provider of security, compliance and enforcement solutions that make cryptocurrencies, crypto tokens and private enterprise blockchains safe and secure. CipherTrace was founded in 2015 in California USA. CipherTrace operates globally and has top cryptocurrency, payments and enterprise security executives and programmers on its team. Founded by experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, CipherTrace was created to develop cryptocurrency and blockchain tracing and security capabilities. CipherTrace has the backing of leading Silicon Valley venture capital investors. The team has deep expertise in cybersecurity, payment systems, bitcoin mining and were early participants in the bitcoin community.

CipherTrace is a member of the Blockchain Alliance, SINET the Security Innovation Network, and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. CipherTrace executives are regular speakers at cryptocurrency, security and law enforcement conferences around the world.

CipherTrace is based in Menlo Park, California, USA, and has customers around the world.

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Security Intelligence Cryptocurrencies Platform - Cybersecurity infrastructure of the blockchain and antifraud in the cryptocurrency sphere. SICP - antiscam, trust, compliance.

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