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The quarantine situation causes the rapid development of distance services, as well as the widespread use of contactless payments and electronic currencies. At the same time, a significant event took place on the Russian cryptocurrency market. A few days ago, the SICP platform team received a notification from the Federal Intellectual Property Service of the Russian Federation about the state registration of a computer program (03/18/2020 No. 2020613600) - Security Intelligence Cryptocurrency Platform (SICP) or Cognitive (corporate) analytics system Transaction Cryptocurrency Asset.

The platform’s web services are designed to provide cybersecurity for the infrastructure of blockchains (distributed registries) and implement anti-fraud measures in the field of cryptocurrency circulation. Functionality: risk assessment of Digital Assets; cryptocurrency investigations; conducting complex events in the field of cryptocurrency circulation; cryptocurrency wallet and ICO reliability assessment; tracking transactions correlating with a real object (organization); ordering advice on the possibility of an investigation (and the collection of necessary evidence); Advanced analytics of public blockchains and reports on suspicious transactions and related objects.

Today, a large number of SICP users leave user ratings about crypto-wallets and transactions, researchers actively use the SmartEcho and CryptoSonar services to evaluate crypto-wallets and visualize research (investigation) scenes, experts use CryptoSonar and MetaSphere services to save scenes and analyze the wallet and transaction pool (by internal tags).

In your personal account, verification tools are available for owners of crypto-wallets and even crypto-firms, with obtaining the appropriate status (and the ability to share certificates on social networks and on sites). There is the possibility of monitoring wallets for incoming / outgoing transactions (other events), saved scenes and functionality for conducting joint investigations (by registered users).

It is noteworthy that it is on Cosmonautics Day that we will announce this event! .. A significant step, if not for the entire global financial and technological sector, then surely for the entire industry of end-to-end technologies...

Source: K4Y0T Project.

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